Facebook send message to onno government why dino melaye exposed nigeria government.

I said the way the news they come out they already reported my hand now so i think everybody call me another lady aspire so the first video yeah now this man wanna see for this video yeah sorry is my your declare in safe some few months ago as biafra why do you know me this Nigeria sydney tall why this ma exposed nigeria government.

This one a quick one so guys i’ll just leave the video to play so that you can watch the video just drop your comments at the comment section what you think about this video but guys before we jump into this video it is your first time passing through this.

So guys without twisting motion guys let’s drive hello everyone today at around one o’clock some unknown gunman came to isildu forest to attack the police security post that was built during the time of hameshi that is popularly called c4i between choba universe and one of the women who talk at the security post alerted our commander in Emoji in Alhaji Shimola that they are noticing unusual movement in the bush and already man left obama and went to Mr and mobilized our men our men in six motorbike drove to the forest.

They immediately come under every gun fire they were confronted and the ongoing gunman fled one of our men sustained injury in his right in his hand we want to inform those people that the people at that security post there is no body that is from outside biafra i know that the random features inquiry people and they’ve been very friendly the attempted attack on them is attacked on the people of the query and on the people of kalavari subsequently.

The police led and abandoned the post and even the military at kokia mali israel also dismantled the source security supplement you need stationed there our people are now become vulnerable to kidnappers on that road because when these security men are not there the place becomes lonely we have decided to take charge of this route and to protect the route from any invaders and intruders by whatever nomination we’re telling you carrier attack elsewhere there has never been any record of fulani attacking our land.

There will never be and if you attempt to attack our land may god save you thank you fellow country men and women i’m here once again to address you because of our nation’s history i am terribly worried as we face insecurity challenges in this country a more alarming danger of economic crisis that is looming is ahead of us i want to announce nigerians because i know we have a government that is not sincere that is not honest that will not tell our journals the truth so i owe it as an obligation to turn endurance the bitter truths i stumbled on a letter written by the nnpc specifically signed by the chief financial officer

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