Biafra News: Nigeria Government refused UK Advise to Restructure

It Happens And We Can All Work Together With Our Great Leader Mazinam The Kano IPOB An Eastern Security Network To Make Our Biafran Dream A Reality And At The Same Time Expose The Terrorist Activities Of The Nigerian Government To The Whole World The British Government Have Asked Fulani Nigerian Governments To Stop Coming To Them For Help And The Reason Why They Said So Was Because They Had Advised.

The Janja With Fulanis To Restructure Nigeria Severally And You Know And The Fulani Said No They Said No Because Fulani Have An Agenda They Have An Agenda You Know They Have Agenda And That Is Why They Said No And They Have No Intention To Build Nigeria Which They Have Deliberately Destroyed Through Their Anti-Growth Policies Since Independence Through.

The Fulani Bad Governance Of Nigeria And Their Pull Him Down Policies All The Striving Industries In Nigeria In The Time Past Like Bata Industry Like Michelin Like Cement Companies Some Examples Are Like Encalagul Ewakuro Benue Cement Company Still Companies Like Ajakuta Steel And Delta Steel Refineries You Know Textile Industries Buried Battery Flower Meals Multinational Companies.

Nigerian Airways Etc The List Goes On And On We’re All Run Out Of Business They All Run Out Of Business You Know Because Of Those Bad Governance And Policies By The Fulani Fulanis You Know The Fuller Names With Their If I Can’t Grow Others Will Not Grow Mentality Was What Stopped The Industrialization Of Nigeria You Know It Brought About Low Power Generation And Other Basic Communities That Nigerians Are Supposed To Be Enjoying Right Now The Gender With Fulanis Are Not Interested In Building Nigeria But To Overrun It And Take It Over.

This Is The Reason Why They Stopped The Teaching Of History At Schools They Did This To Prevent Coming Generations In Nigeria And South From Knowing The Truth About Fulani Bad Governance You Know They Also Want To Hide The Truth About The Biafran Genocide And Also They Want To Maintain Their Lives That Biafra Are The Problems You Know That Actually Paid Off In 2015 General Election When Buried Was Elected When They Successfully Deceived Nigerian Youth With The Help Of Suffolk Sophisticated Morons In The Southwest Controlling The Media And Biafran Intellectuals Which We Call Intellectuals Living In Lagos And Abuja.

These Groups Succeeded In Laundering The Image Of Buhari To The Uninformed Nigerian Youths That We Are Deprived The Opportunity To Learn About Nigerian History At School That Would Have Given Them A Better Sense Of Judgment You See The Full Learning Sometimes They Think They Are Wise And They Plan Ahead And You Know And That’s What They Are Doing Now The Gender With Fulanis Are Using The Stupidity Of Biafrans Of Eurobands Of Middle Belters To Survive And Stay In Power Ordinarily One Might Think Or Would Think That The Fulani’s Great Effort To Keep Nigerian War Is Out Of Their Love For Nigeria No It Is Not It Is Out Of Greed And A Mission They Have A Mission You Can See That The Fulani Do Not Care Talk Less Of Loving Nigeria That They Are Putting So Much Effort To Keep Us One Anyone Who Loves Nigeria As Fulani Claims Will Not Shield Terrorists Fulani Killers A Massacre Innocent Oppressed Biafrans Or Europeans Or Houses Or Thieves Etc.

If Fulani Say They Love Nigeria Why Do They Shove Aside The Federal Character And Adopt Corrupt Nepotic Appointments You Know If It Were Other Tribes That Are Doing That Or That Did That The Whole Nigeria Would Have Been In Flames But They Are Doing It Why Did They Bring Terrorism Into Nigeria Why Did They Bring Terrorists Falling Foreign Fulanis To Terrorize Houses And Northern Christians.

In The North If They Claim That They Love Nigeria And They Don’t Have An Agenda You Know They Are The Ones That Have Created The Problem In The North The Insecurity They Call It In The Knot Now We Can See That Their Deceptive Attitude You Know They Deceive Everyone Deceptive Attitude Majority Of Them Are Now Claiming Victims They Are Always Deceptive They Are Claiming Victims Saying.

Their Land Is Also Being Terrorized In The First Place Who Brought Those Who Is Terrorizing Them Are They Not Also Fulanis They Brought From The Sahel To To Rig Elections For Them Why Won’t David Terrorize They Groom Those Monsters They Use Them For Rigging Elections And They Also Use Them For Violence They Pamper Them When They Terrorize Others They Release Them.

They Don’t Apprehend Them If The Fulanis Are Truthful To Themselves Then The Problems In Northern Nigeria And Nigeria As A Whole Would Have Gone [Music] North Running To Eurovise For Support Or Begging The Chinese Or Begging The Americans Or British To Come And Help Them You Know It Will Not Help Them You Can’t Run To Eurovise And Be Begging Them To Support You Just Like The Sultan Of Sokuto Did.

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