Breaking News: Naija Star Hakeem Kae-Kazim Story

Hakeem Kae Kazim Pirates of the Caribbean and TV series lost and 24 he would surely remember Hakeem ke Kassim the Etisalat ambassador who trained in the United Kingdom in an exclusive interview with hip TV spoke about growing up in the UK his life as an actor well I’m you know I was born in Lagos Nigeria.

I am ready to go England when I was like about two years old and I grew up there I went to school there college there and everything and I did start working as an actor and starting off with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the Royal National Theatre and then I moved to South Africa and spend 10 years there working as an actor and producer before moving to Los Angeles where I’ve been for the last seven years and the experience he had acting in the movie Hotel Rwanda kuiba be fantastic cigar the best so you’re going to join us everybody today.

I will try my best George but these days I have no time for alleys and politics politics is power Paul who to power and money it’s time for you to join your people yeah it was great to do it was you know it’s my first really big American movie and what was really interesting was that I was living in South Africa at the time and I didn’t really have an idea of the extent of the genocide and I know my ignorance was I suppose in a way that many people’s ignorance was many because some happy to itself was going through its own change and so for me working on the movie was also a learning curve and there were a lot of people from away no on the set actually so that was very interesting.

so I managed to get to talk to them in my research and now try to get to the bottom of how when a people have lived together for so long in harmony how an event can suddenly happen where they next-door neighbors suddenly killing your next-door neighbor who but you know real husband diseases hanging up his arms who has to be a you know yeah to try and get to the bottom of that and pretend one never does but you know what you realize is there.

But for the grace of God and so I try to infuse some of that into the into the character but I play it anyway and what his motivation was and why he did what he did so it was a very interesting learning experience being on that set all everything is done with you price now you understand that yes I need advice these how did milk yeah and your best beer yes but the whiskey.

Note you have no whiskey no whiskey no spirits your which guests will have to do without their Scotch anyway Paul I’ve let that go enough now what are you saying George huge cockroach is at the hotel where money is no good to them anymore soon all the touches will be dated this is what you had to say about Nollywood and omotola.

Gilardi candy in the movie last flights to abjure yeah I mean I’ve really enjoyed working with her you know and it was it was a good experience you know it’s great to me some of your Nollywood stars and you know and and when work with them and then see the difference between what it’s like working here.

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