HAPPENING: Niger Delta Ijaw Youths Members Send Message To Buhari

Mountain as ninja that you’d send message to president buhari hello guys hello people welcome back to another segment yeah with hot ninja entertainment greetings viewers all over the world my country people as they prove book on this issue of nddc board they say worrying to THE body say they give worry just one month just one month say why not.

The body they will short everywhere down they will close your company like no company would work again for that region and they said this one you think it was strong end such protests so guys before we jump into this video if it’s your first time pass it through this Youtube channel don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and on the bed i come at the moment we have been able to discuss the issue of nddc for which council has resolved that we are giving the federal government.

His Excellency the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in one month ultimatum to close out on the board inauguration for the NDDC we consider the NDDC a very critical agency for us in this region and for this course i want to make it clear that between now and the one month if the board is not brought in we may not be able to guarantee the safety of oil operations in the region council will definitely not just a promise but the promise to be fulfilled with action shut down the intelligence if the Mr President fails to deliver on or before one month.

From today this message must be taken very seriously very seriously very seriously but you can understand its constitution when they constitute this board it brings representatives from different states that’s one and upon that it means that these people who mount the board will do justice with development of israel states even in addition to the states that they don’t represent because one sitting on the board you will have rivers you will have biaser you will have delta you will have aqua bomb name it there are also state reps and so even the forensic audit will talk about the one of ndc is turned to be bigger than that that happened in NBC so the board on its own has a lot to do with the youth the use of the region over time when this board was functioning had survived no matter how little from different capacity programs but when you run this administration that is not known to us unknown to us.

The laws NDC is an act of the law and the law provides for us to have a board if there is a board today river state or different districts are represented these people will be answerable to the region in her different presentations have made it clear to the people including the government of the Nigeria that we want to assure even.

Mr President of the Republic of Nigeria that the current board that will come in won’t be like the board that politicians will take hold of the rest of the council will monitor project as even as we do now remember that it was council that made me cry for the east west road and Mr president i must appreciate him for his listening here immediately castro came out on the interest room he gave the directive for 20 billion there is a little progress on the east west road this is why council is very eager to tell mr president to take the issues of ninja data very critically there is no time for political involvement in issues that are affected anymore [Music].

As it is today we are also using this opportunity to tell mr president that the work cetera is doing on the east west road is looking like a local government contract it has to be a massive construction activity whether you are busy world war where you have manually normally need for trucks for machines for man so that this project called his west road shouldn’t stay longer than three months even if you’re walking a bridge from here to Lagos commitment alone shouldn’t keep the road more than two years each road is under construction for almost decades that we can’t even come anymore and has taken so much lives we rise with a lot of pain in our hearts that even the little.

NDDC that could impact on the lives of the youth that came before not its development probation is suffering from political interests and all that otherwise what is forensic or did that the prime copper waters didn’t do to an mpc did they both step aside no the boat was there investigations were done and they did their report even if you are doing forensic audit of nigeria as a country it will not be more than six months you heard me in the video when i was in disabled last meeting representing the donation and her people.

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