Job News: Nigerians Task FG On Job Creation

Are made first is celebrated as international workers day the days observed to celebrate achievements of workers and spread awareness among about rather the exploitation they face as workers across the globe celebrate another may day the rise in unemployment which has led to the ugly trend of job scams in nigeria is a source of worry in this report TBC news.

Senior correspondent Sharon Johnson examines the impact of this and unemployed youth in their struggle to get jobs the reports this is a frequent message an average unsuspecting unemployed youth receives in Nigeria.

It is a message indicating invitation for an interview with a support ceo for a job placement many of times shortlisted candidates are swindled.

Following this trend Toppa lassie who is actively searching for a job agreed to record our deal in the hands of the swindlers from findings there are about 100 venues in Lagos where such activities take place some victims of Jobscam spoke to TVC news and shared their experience i received a text to my phone that um i should come for an interview with my CV so i went to Ikeja for the interview that day so yeah i get there i met a lot of people go ahead and coming down from the building soon i entered the office so how to sit down for an interview so now just later i got to understand that the interview is not about giving us a job just like online business that from there we’ll be making our own money online this um system something.

Also said he has forgotten how they describe it where you have a leader when you pay for like networking yeah when you pay you have somebody you are under you bring people they’ll be under you so when you pay they give you a product the product that they give you sell it so the more you sell and bring more people it increases your growth in the company and i’m like but i came here for an interview.

I have come up to pay a certain amount of money they said oh that’s how their company works that’s how they operate so i said okay how much you like me you said 17 000.

According to a labor force survey by the national bureau of statistics NBS Nigeria’s unemployment rate rose to 33.3 in the three months leading December 2020 that was up from 27.1 in the second quarter of 2020. more than half of the labor force in the country are unemployed or underemployed a thought of the 69.7 million strong global force in Africa’s most populous country either does nothing or works for less than 20 hours a week making that segment unemployed according to the Nigerian definition

Another 15.9 million people walked less than 40 hours a week making them underemployed the deputy president of the trade union congress of Nigeria TVC Owen Consola Ola song say speaks about the development Nigerians will not come out immediately to complain.

I will not report because at times when you report a police station you will expose yourself the more because they want you to leave them to the same place and you are not even sure that the information you are giving the security outfits are secured for your own personal protection so because of this it has been a bit tough to report.

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