NAIJA NEWS: Naira Marley Interview With Youtube Launch Music App

We have one of those arches here to come and basically tell us more about the music their journey and with the quicker. Welcome to narrow-body thank you so much for being here we literally you guys need to thank him for us so this was like last minute he dropped everything to be here with you guys so thank you so much for coming so let me just start do we call you naira do we call you Marly do we call you naira Marley Mike please and you are one of the number one most beautiful artist in Nigeria.

Nigeria artists like Chris Brown with number 7 for example right how does that feel music because I mean you just walk in it some people already doing the dance of already like your style of music is making so much waves in Nigeria at the moment I mean we have people a whole new generation of people that call themselves what is what’s your inspiration what’s your inspiration for music a little bit of everything like Muslim music a little bit of this for yoga movie that I happen job daddy.

I mean I mean like know by the a your [Applause] memory a little bit so does your inspiration and and the experiences that have brought you so what type of music do you currently listen to and how’s that evolved over time and also what who are the artists that are who are the artists that are currently interesting to you right now so music that you love and whether it is evolved and what is it evolved you and the artists that are interesting particular well I listen to all types of music like slow Jones I [Music] [Music] think one thing we wanted to ask is like you know you just mentioned you listen to everything Mooji.

If a Bollywood music how do you see your music traveling beyond bothers your Nigeria like how do you yourself connecting with fans artists oh you add more such in Nigeria like if we change that next year look at the u.s. the UK yeah Malaysia how do you always not even a plan for you to that’s one plan I hope [Laughter].

Okay and I think last question from us what is I mean you know last year was crazy for you it was huge margins all over the world young old politician businessman business women which one else it was crazy right so what’s the future for narrow-body I’m not gonna stop giving them good music’s coming out lots of money music is common I probably give them 30 seconds wow this is really big five second phase circles thank you second okay thank you she be fair later de la mejor we break on my wall ooh.

I mean how I teach I do I’m uneasy you know about while awesome I’m better I wouldn’t before – ha ha ha oh this out more ready ah yeah you know I usually I ain’t no my n de ello my MA Nino Aiello TV sigh I ain’t no baby I love my LMS so if you can give me a beginners lesson and teach me how to do it can we do that ok they’re gonna take the chair [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

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