NAIJA NEWS: Regina Daniel Caught Cheating Again

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Welcome back before we go into the major story of today here are some few highlights unveiling the top five Nigerian upcoming music stars in 2021 talking as a nigerian entertainment insider the best relationship advice you can get and now the major stories talking as a nigerian entertainment insider there has been an update about the regina daniels cheating scandal there is a rumor going on about Regina Daniels/

The billionaire wife of prince ned woku who has said to be caught in a cheating scandal with her ex-boyfriend somadina in a hotel and cozy environment in another story regina daniels was also rumored to be caught sharing romantic moments with nollywood actor malik milton on an instagram record malik milton is one of the finest boys in nollywood who has won the heart of many in the movie entertainment industry malek milton networth is over 200 thousand dollars.

He is 38 years old and hails from any good state watch this video you have made my life so miserable if i’m actually a billionaire’s wife why am i living in a small room in a hotel doing nothing for the security of yourself following my every move why can’t i go out why does i entertain my friends and family why does i do anything sorry but you know before we continue we are going to watch a fun fact stay tuned welcome back moving on to our next story there’s this viral video flying around of some of nigerian workers sleeping in a british bus on their way home you know after the day’s choice and everything you can imagine this life in nigeria is not easy.

It is not a joke we are not joking we are not jokers okay now over to the next story this is another video of our video of yule de che it was featured in a nollywood movie recently that’s what we saw guys a lion in the scene like is this real is this real did they really bring a lion into the movie scene oh this is just graphics if it’s graphics like why would they grow up like it’s so hilarious look at the look on his face that was so so funny very well i guess we should call this a teaser a big teaser from nollywood paseo we’re gonna unveil the nigeria’s top five rising gospel artist in 2021.

The number one analyst is gideon joe gideon joy is a talented recording artist instrumentalist singer songwriter producer and a well-seasoned musician it has released a life-changing album titled shekinah glory and has been in great collaboration with other popular gospel musicians in nigeria you can check out his songs and download his music from audio mark and on youtube at gideon joe music ggn gideon joe is also an aviator who studied in universal school of aviation he is a musicologist and has absolute and impeccable talent and a love for god please do it to support him.

The next on our list is agago agogo is a certified human resource professional and a committed vocalist at the house on the rock abuja she recently released a ten tracker album titled you are that featured renowned nigerian gospel artist and evidently her songs have been hit in the airwaves and she is definitely set to make a mark in the gospel industry the number three on our list is the fast rising gospel music artist testimony jaga salute aliyu olaiwala popularly known as They have less lives with their sounds go and support those guys please go and support them they are really doing well encourage those young ones because they are the leaders of tomorrow up to the final topic of today we are going to give you the best relationship advice you can get anywhere in the world and what is this relationship advice love yourself and love your family because they are the people you will run to at the end of the day and you may be asking

This is a relationship advice yes of course who do you have relationship with first it’s yourself you have relationship with yourself you develop a relationship with yourself before you can develop a good relationship with others okay ask yourself some questions do some things to yourself mentally and all around before you can relate to the outside world that is my word for you today and make sure you stay away from negative vibes give out positive vibe okay and stay around people who give you positive and good energy also know what you want and go for what you want you can achieve it you are your own limitation nobody can limit nobody can stop you.

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